UrbanX FAQ’s

What is Urban Exploration?

Urban exploration is the exploration of man-made structures. The places are usually derelict or abandoned. There are also other types of exploration such as ‘draining’ and ‘caving’ which are pretty self-explanatory.

How many of you are there?

For every exploitation we have done so far there has been two of us. I wouldn’t advise going on your own as should you get injured there is no one to get help. A trio is a sensible option and has its advantages. Any more than that then you have a greater chance of being ‘spotted’ however it would completely depend on the site in question (size).

How do you get in?

Crowbars & bolt cutters.

Leaving the poor jokes aside, we like most people, look for what people would refer to as an access point. If we can’t gain access to a location without damaging any property then we simply won’t enter. You will find in most cases there will be an open window or a panel gap, we would never force our way in. Traveling to a site with ‘tools’ to gain access will get you into lots of hot water if caught, not forgetting that its morally wrong. How would you like it if someone damaged your property?

Where can I find this location?

Most urban explorers don’t share the location of their reports. Its one of the unwritten rules and its one we abide by. If locations became public knowledge then the wrong sort of people could gain access for looting/graffiti. This is not what urban exploring is about, we want to preserve and document the history, not help destroy these places. We won’t share any locations should you ask, this is applicable to almost all situations regardless of whether you’re a student or not.

What do you take with you?

The short answer is “Only what you need”.

What is required is very much dependent upon where the site is located and what it is. For instance you don’t need to be kitted like Ray Mears to take a look at a local barn! However you should always make sure that you are sensibly dressed, have a torch (and spare if you are going somewhere that is poorly lit!) have access to basic first aid and have an asbestos mask to hand!

If you are taking a camera it is also a good idea to pack a spare battery and SD card, as I know from personal experience it is entirely possible to leave these at home!

Is it legal?

This is a gray area and differs depending on location. I don’t want to go into detail incase laws change and I get blamed for people getting locked up. Be sensible, if you’re asked to leave then its probably a good idea to suck it up, be humble, and leave. A quick google search should provide you with more information.

The dangers..

As you can see from the image at the top of the page there are plenty of dangers. In most places the roof will be falling apart, lights can be hanging by a small piece of wire and floors can be unstable. Always be aware of your surroundings and check above you before entering a room. Using a little common sense will keep you out of danger for the most part.

General etiquette

If you see an opening that could be closed to stop rain and damp, close the door. Respect the buildings, don’t litter, graffiti or take souvenirs. We’re not thieves so be respectful of your surroundings.