North wales abandoned mansion

The History:

The building has been used as a house, spa, Girls’ School and hospital. The house is set in walled gardens of around 18 acres (73,000 m2), which are themselves set in grounds of around 5,000 acres (20 km2), encompassing open fields, parkland and forests. The 1870s structure is an example of the myriad of new types of buildings that were arising during the Victorian era to fulfill increasingly specialised functions.

The Report:

After going to two fairly “popular locations” we decided to try something a little harder to find. After a few hours of using satellite/google maps we found the location and plotted our route in.
We had a nice early 5.30am start and arrived at our location at roughly 6.30. All seemed quiet, we left the car and headed up to our previously planned route.
After a series of woods, country lanes, banks and fences we arrived close to the location. We entered through the rear of the property over a large wall and set our sights on the unkempt gardens.

Everything seemed to be going perfect, after all we had done the hard part! Okay, cameras out to get a few external shots before looking for an access point (OR SO WE THOUGHT!)

We got close to the building only to notice lots of CCTV and security signs. We are then alerted by loud speaker phones to tell us our images have been saved to CCTV and we were trespassing. Being fairly new to this we decided to cut out losses and leave.

Looking back on it we should have stayed, I know the laws and we would have been fine. However its defiantly going to make us more aware of security in future.

Our explore was very poor, the inside of this place is the killer part and we missed out. We even missed out the other side of the building.

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