Red Dress Manor

The Report:
Our latest urban exploration adventure seen us heading to the infamous red dress manor, which is a beautiful old building located down some sleepy country lanes. The architecture is certainly unique and had one of our cameras not have given up the ghost there would have been more shots!

The property has been vacant since the 1970’s and unlike most other explorations we have been on, the building has not been stripped, which made it feel more personal. The house still carries the signs of life, it is littered with personal belongings and letters addressed to the former residents, though it is evident no-one has been here for some time. Unfortunately a lot of the items which make it unique have been taken by people who clearly have no morals, this includes the iconic red dress.

We were unsure if the outbuildings belonged to the property as they were surrounded by cows and evidently still in use by the local farmers.

Floors within the building are deteriorating to some extent and whilst not as bad as some we have visited I would advise caution, particularly on the upper levels.

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